Amway Show The Plan Pdf

Where are your refund checks at and how much did you make until now? Who is your sponsoring up line? What is your closing ratio on selling products and recruiting people in the business? How many people do you meet every day,week, month and recieve their email, cell, home phone to contact them? How many apts to you book per day, per week, per month to show the plan? HOw many people show up to see the plan, and how many do not show up to see the plan, and do they call you for a no show? How many people do you have to talk to to make an apt,, show the plan, and sign up in the bussines on a daily basis, weekly and monthy basis?

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These are called closing ratios and you should indicate that in the plan. You need to explain how you or your up line plans on training people in a class room, meeting, roll planing on product demos,propspecting for dealers, customers? How do teach closing sales and overcome objections in a classroom setting, or meeting and roll playing with dealers taking turns plying the prospect and dealer.What about coaching in the field which is so important to succeed. Realistic training is desperatly needed in the videos of how far to go and when to stop selling products.

216-255-5170 SELLING SKILLS ARE WHAT IS NEEDED TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN ANY BUSINESS SELLING AND RECRUITING. Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printer 220 Driver Windows 7. I was dumb enough to try this twice. The first time my boss at an appliance repair shop I worked at had me come to his house one night to show me the business plan. What I realised later was the products in the start up kit were old and outdated. He sold me his start up kit to gain his money back and he never sponsored or gave me an ounce of support. The second time I joined was about 6 years later when some what seemed like really cool people talked to about the plan.

I told them of my previous experience. They were “appalled” and assured me this was a legitimate business and I would receive all the support I needed so I bought into the dream. Well my sponsor sold me tons of tapes we drove numerous miles to meetings getting home very late only giving me minimal hours of sleep for my “real job”. They used tragic stories of personal losses I shared to them to sell their product at conventions. We traveled to huge convention s in Atlanta.

I went to numerous people to try to get someone under me. Finally I sold the dream to a wealthy business man and his wife. When I called my sponsor to tell her the exciting news she said “oh those are people I was thinking about talking to I just haven’t gotten around to talking too yet” sure enough those people decided to tell me they weren’t interested and guess who showed up at my sponsors house at one of their meetings. Right there I got up walked out and never looked back. I’ve never known personally any of those people in our group to become rich. They will tell you to put the business first family second because without the business there won’t be a family. So my advice is save your money.

Don’t waste your valuable time. If you want the same results without all the expense stop at a convenience store after your real job and buy a lottery ticket..

Slide 3: What is Passive Income? You work for single time and income flows forever: ROYALTY INCOME This is accessible to very few highly skilled people like singers, authors, scientists etc. Passive Income Time Compounding Traditional Franchising Model 2 constraints in traditional franchising model: High Investment Money is there for Franchisee but no Time.

Amway Show The Plan Pdf

Only Franchisor had lot of money as well as time. 100/day X 25,000 outlets = Rs. 25 lakhs/day 10 hr/day X 25,000 outlets = 250,000 hrs/day.

Slide 12: A Unique Business Model What is BWW? Britt World Wide Available Support System 30 years experience in business development Offices in 80 countries Proven support system through Tapes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, Books, Literature, Seminars, IBO personal Websites IBOs who are successful in Amway business become part of BWW to help others become successful in the Amway Business. Referring IBO YOU What is Amway? Amway is a global leader in direct selling, with over three million Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in over 80 countries and territories around the world. For more than 45 years, Amway Corporation has enabled people to have a business of their own. It is a product and services company An opportunity for YOU to capitalize on remarkable growth of direct selling.

$6.4 bn corporation; totally cash rich; 5*A rating by Dun and Bradstreet 25th Largest Private Corporation in Forbes Listing.