I have downloaded Maya 2010 64 bits to try it, because i did a Maya course 2 years ago, and i am thinking in buy a license (i think educational license is possible ) to study it, because i am interested in 3d in a professional way, and i am looking for classes. I have one doubt about the licenses, and technical related too. Drivers Nec Powermate Vl3504.

There are some plugins that i found sometime ago interesting, and i would like in a future to try them, and perhaps work with them, but i think they are only for 32. If i buy a license,can i install both Maya 2010 64 bit and 32 bit in the same hardisk, operating system and machine ( I have 8 GB ram and Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit)? Would be any license problem, or technical problem? Could i install both Maya 2010 64 bit, and Maya 2010 32 bit, and use them with the same license? I wouldn't open maya 32 bit and 64 bit both at same time (i don't think is possible although), but sometime use the 32 bit version because the plugins, and the rest of time, so be able to use 8 GB ram, the 64 bit version. Is that possible?

Autodesk Maya 2014 software includes a set of tools development and freedom that you have a modern pipeline for, special effects, game the computer and the film need projects. This new and powerful set of tools in order to simulate the dynamics, animation and rendering, provides a new level of creativity for you so you can easily work on complex projects. Maya is one of the most advanced three-dimensional modeling and animation software that is widely used in movie studios, animation and games industry is the same. The strength of the Maya modeling tools, and the big companies are using more of its features.

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Features include flexibility and personalization features (customization) that allowsprofessional users to easily customize their environment. In addition, another unique feature that allows users to develop software for it. Users through the programming languages ​​C + +, MEL or (maya embedded language) and Python, as well as to develop the tools and features previously not available in the software they add to it.

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