This is a cheaters edition of Captain Tsubasa 2: • You have infinite stamina, infinite swaps in game and the best possible stats. You play until the Asian Cup Matches with the Following Team: • 1.Wakabayashi (GK) • 2.Souta • 3.Jitou • 4.Misugi • 5.Matsuyama • 6.Masao • 7.Kazuo • 8.Misaki • 9.Hyuga • 10.Tsubasa • 11.Nitta When you reach the Asian Cup Matches, you’ll get the same team, but the following characters in the bench: • 12.Sano • 13.Sawada • 14.Ishizaki • 15.Pierr • 16.Carlos • 17.Coimbra • 18.Schneider • 19.Diaz • 20.Wakashimazu (GK) • 21.Morisaki (GK) • All your characters (except the ones in the bench that are not Japan players), have a special tackle, passcut, block and 1-2 combination. • You allways have max experience.

All your team members stats are raised. • You can do any shot of the game with any of your characters (34 shots). The same goes with the special dribbles (6 dribbles) and passes (3 passes).

Just exit the respective menu by pressing the B button, then re-enter to advance to the next page of skills. This does not apply to the passes menu, because there’s only 3 of them. • All your dribbles and tackles will allways have success. • You have infinite swaps, before a match and in the middle of the game.

Captain Tsubasa 2 Brazil Hack Download

• If you press the start button in the middle of a match, you will set your score to 50 goals and finish the match almost instantly, no matter wich half you’re playing in. 3.0 Changes:• Now you can make any special catch with any GK: Use the following combinations on the GK screen, then press A:• Left: Rolling Save • B + Left: Illusion Save • Right: Dark Illusion • Team edit: Just go to the pass screen, place the cursor on the desired player, press select, then press left or right to modify its value. Press select again to save changes. Disney Apprenticeship Program more. • You can see most shot cynematics no matter the state of the ball. • All your characters (except the ones in the bench that are not Japan players) will dribble much faster now.

• Changed back all CPU teams to have the default characters, since you can use Team Edit to modify them. • Removed the press select to swap GK, because now you can use any Special Catch with any GK. Thank you very much to:• All the GSHI members for its help, Pugsy, Visitntx, Ugetab and all the cool GSHI staff. • mazong1123: He maked a great hack tool for this rom.

I’ve used some of the info on the documentation of his application to make the special skills of the GKs avalaible. • Hayabusa Kun: For translating this great game to english. Without his translation, this work would have been impossible.

Download Youtube Video there. ROM / ISO Information.

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Captain Tsubasa 2 Brazil Hack Download

Captain Tsubasa 2 - Hyper Edition Hack of Captain. This is a cheaters edition of Captain Tsubasa 2. News Articles for this Hack; Readme File; Download. Here you can download tsubasa 3 hack shared files: Captain Tsubasa 3 Hack New Story.smc Captain Tsubasa.

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