CIM ID Card Printer K300C. Sorry, this unit is missing the card hopper. Unit is capable or connecting with parallel,USB,or 9-pin serial connections. Performance: Approx. 40 seconds per card 300 DPI. eBay!

Cim K300cm Drivers

CIM Sunlight K3 Printer Drivers and Firmware *Please note: The Sunlight K3 is no longer in production and is out of support. Dire Straits Communique Full Album Download on this page. This printer’s drivers and firmware are no longer kept current.

Links in this post point to Sunlight K3 printer drivers and firmware as well as those for newer CIM printers.* If you have a Sunlight K3 printer, you should periodically check to ensure you have the latest hardware drivers and device firmware. These downloads are available directly from the Technical Support section of the CIM-USA website,.

Note that 32-bit drivers are available for Windows XP & Vista, while there is also a 64-bit driver that will support Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7. Windows 7 is the latest available operating system compatible with the drivers and firmware for the Sunlight K3. The CIM Sunlight K3 User Manual also has a PDF of the device user-manual.

This manual contains useful information on the operation and regular maintenance of your K3 printer. Regular maintenance includes updating drivers and firmware and regular printer cleanings, which are also crucial to smooth operation. Call our experts at +1 888.485.4696 for additional information about the CIM Sunlight K3 printers. Or call for more information about newer model CIM printer. We would be happy to provide additional information. This entry was posted in and tagged,,, on. Post navigation.

20 thoughts on “ CIM Printer – Sunlight K3 Printer Drivers and Firmware” • Unfortunately, the Sunlight K3 is out of support and no new drivers will be released for that printer. The most recent driver includes Windows 7, but we do not expect to see further updates for that printer. There are newer drivers for both of CIM’s newer printer models: Sunlight LUX (which is also out of production) and the Sunlight STAR (CIM’s newest printer which was recently released). If you have any further questions, please feel free to return here or to contact one of our experts at +1 888.485.4696. • Hi Mark – Thanks for your note.

Unfortunately the manufacturer does not offer a Windows 8.0 or 8.1 driver for that model. Also, that model has been discontinued (replaced by newer models), so it is very unlikely that they will offer one in the future. There is a Windows feature that allows for having device drivers operate in “compatibility mode” with earlier versions of Windows, but that method is not supported by CIM/Sunlight either. You can certainly experiment with that as an option, but no guarantees! Good luck, and let us know if you have any other inquiries.

• SafeCardID Team We recommend that you go to the print drivers and right click on the CIM printer listing. Go to printing preferences and select the card tab.

At the bottom of the card tab, do a printer self test and see if the card prints. Make sure that you have a YMCKO color ribbon installed. Also make sure that the YMCKO ribbon is selected in the device options tab.

If the test card prints fine, the problem is probably a software/computer issue and not a printer issue. If the test card does not print well, you will need to contact CIM USA technical support for assistance. • Craig I’m using a Sunlight K3 printer and recently it started playing up when printing in colour. It can print using a black ribbon but whenever I try to print using a colour ribbon it seems to get “stuck” in the printing process and unable to continue. I have to eject the card which often comes out with just the yellow colour having been applied.

I’ve cleaned and calibrated it many times but this issue of not being able to print in colour is frustrating when it used to work fine a few weeks ago. Can anybody help?

• SafeCardID Team Roy, The first step we would suggest would be to calibrate the ribbon sensor. This is done in the print driver for this printer. Go to your printer and faxes folder. Right click on your CIM printer. Chose printing preferences. On the far right, look for a tab labeled calibrate.

Halfway down the page is a button that says sensors. Click that button and follow the instructions on the screen. Banjo And Fiddle Kroll Sheet Music Download. If this does not solve your problem, make sure that the ribbon setting in the print driver is the same setting as the ribbon installed in the printer. This can be checked under the device options tab.

If this fails, your printer probably has a bad ribbon sensor. A repair may be needed.