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Colchester manual lathes are renowned worldwide for quality and. Mascot VS 2000 l Medium duty, constant power, variable speed spindle drive in. Manuals for Model: Mascot. These modern lathes were sold in the UK as the Colchester Mascot 1600. Colchester Mascot 1600 Instruction and Maintenance Manual.

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Colchester Mascot 1600 Manual Dexterity

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Just to give you guys a little info about myself, the last two years I've been aquirring machinery to setup my own job shop. I purchased this paticular colchester mascot 1600 at an auction knowing that it was missing the coolant tank. Now in the next few week I wanted to get this lathe up and running but seen something weird on the back of the head-stock. I noticed it's missing a few more things as well, the plate that covers the drive motor is missing, as well a cover plate that I'm pretty sure would have the serial number and date attached to it.

I've found these two hoses coming off the back of the head stock that look out of place and in place at the ame time. One is capped off at the end its a clear about an 1' ID. Ultra File Opener Keygen Software here.

The other is a black hose with high pressure fittings. Both are just hanging there and attached to the head stock just under the clutch shaft assembly.

So the question is, do these lathes use an external oil pump/tank or what are these hoses for?? I'll get pictures posted tonight, they'll describe my scenario a hundred times better. If this is In the wrong section I'm very sorry. Crypto Best 56k Usb Modem Drivers on this page.

Just back from the pub. If I recall correctly the lube oil for the headstock is contained in a tank which is part of the coolant tank ( I suppose the theory was that the oil tank being surrounded by the coolant tank would keep the lube oil cool ). The pump is in the headstock and is on the same line as the pulley and clutches.

You can normally see the end cap on the outer face of the headstock nearest the chuck. It draws oil from the tank and circulates it around the headstock. The oil is then returned to the tank. The pump you can see in the photograph is the coolant pump.

You can normally find the serial number for the lathe stamped onto the slide ways at the tailstock end. Regards Tyrone.