I was asked for a serial number to get my 1210 insured. Theres a couple of numbers cast into the tractor below the seat, theres also a serial number on either side of the tractor below the engine. There are also different numbers on the engine oil dip stick and the gear oil dip stick.All are different.

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David Brown 1210 Serial NumbersDavid Brown 1210 Serial Numbers

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You should find the serial number on the top of the front casting, forward of the front of the engine just behind the radiator. You may have to do a bit of scraping of paint and dirt to reveal it, the number will start with the tractor model, 1210, and the serial number will be the 5 or 6 numbers after the last /. You will, if you need to, find the engine number the same side, on the engine block between the alternater and the steering pump and this number will start with the type of engine, AD4/55A: and then the number if fitted with a CAV fuel pump, if it has a Bosch pump it will read 455091: and then the engine number. Let us know what you find.

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