OnyakTech My Contacts version 1.0.12 The OnyakTech My Contacts module is a robust Contact module for DotNetNuke that allows you to store contact information at a global community level or at a personalized level with full customization. This module even includes additional advanced display functions you can use to provide more information about your contacts by association with other data in your system, RSS Feeds, weather forecasts, web site snapshots and more! This module doubles its value by also providing advanced data import and export functions with options to auto-register contacts as users in your DotNetNuke web site. • 100% Custom Fields - All fields for your contacts are custom to your needs. • Custom Contact Display - Create your own custom display for you Contacts Detail View using HTML and optional advanced display functions that allow you to display additional information specific to each contact. Display charts, data grids loaded from SQL parsed with custom parameters allowing you to easily identify database records specific to the current contact.

Dnn Password Decrypt For ZipDnn Password Decrypt For Zip

Aug 13, 2008 Programmatically creating DotNetNuke user. Ubiart Скачать. DotNetNuke encrypts the plain text password using the encryption key that is stored. I'm newer in dnn.

• My Contacts Mode - When in this mode, only contacts added by the current user will be displayed. • All Contacts Mode - When in this mode, all contacts (including all 'My Contacts') will be displayed. • Public Contacts Mode - When in this mode, only 'Public' contacts will be displayed, keeping personal (My Contact) records hidden. • Optional Contact Detail Display Options: Display the contact details below the contacts list or in a new screen. • Group, Sort, Filter and Search your contacts using our advanced Data Grid and Search Options. • Easy Personalized Contact List Customization: Each user can easily select the fields they want to see in the contact lists.

• Keep contacts as stand alone or easily register them with your site with just one click. • Import Contacts from XML files to the My Contacts module with the option of also registering the users on import and the option of sending new user registration emails. • Robust User Import Engine is multi-threaded allowing massive file imports with real time status notifications. • Export Users from Any Portal either by DotNetNuke Role or export all Users. • Each User Export Generated file is stored on the server allowing you to create snapshots of your user base and download at anytime. • Optionally Hide the Search Panel • Optionally Enable Contact Field Editor • Optionally Enable the Option to Convert Contacts to Registered Users • Optionally Allow People to Edit Contact Information • Optionally Display All Contacts on Page Load - No Paging • Automatic Contact Fields Generated based on your current DotNetNuke Custom User Profile Fields OnyakTech My Contact Module Screen Shots. Display Functions: The following functions can be added to your contact view template - this is the view people see when they click on a contact in your contacts list.

You can customize the list to control how all contact information is displayed while also adding the following additional display functions to provide more advanced contact display renderings. • Snapshot of Web Site: If you are collecting a web site entry for your contacts, use this function to have a snapshot image of the web site displayed. • Snapshot of User Profile Web Site: If your users enter their web site into their DNN User Profile Web Site field, this function will display a snapshot of that site. • Current Weather Forecast from User Profile: Displays the current weather forecast using the contacts related user profile zip code. • Current Weather Forecast for Zip Code: Displays the current weather forecast using a contact field you supply as the zip code. • Encrypt Value: Encrypts a contact data field before display.

• Decrypt Value: Decrypts a contact data field before display. • RSS: Displays an RSS Feed • Display Site Content: Displays an external site content. • Single Value from SQL Server: Displays a single value returned from a SQL Statement. (Perfect for showing account status, outstanding balance, etc) • Data Grid from SQL Server • Data Grid from ODBC • Data Chart.

An anonymous reader asked “Is there any way to crack a password-protected zip file?” That question can be interpreted two ways. Do you want to hack into someone else’s private files? Or do you want to avoid a form of encryption that won’t give you much protection?

Since I believe that most PCWorld readers are inherently good people, I’ll assume that you simply want to be assured that your files will not be cracked. For some years now, the.zip format—intended primarily for compression—has provided encryption as an added feature. But what kind of encryption it provides depends on the program you use to create and open the ZIP file.

[Have a tech question? Ask PCWorld Contributing Editor Lincoln Spector.

Send your query to.] The.zip format supports two forms of encryption and password protection. The first, nicknamed ZipCrypto, is relatively easy to crack. I’m not saying that anyone could do it, but the organization calls ZipCrypto —a view shared by other organzations as well.

You’d be far safer using the other option, AES-256. Unlike ZipCrypto, AES was not designed for ZIP files. It’s a popular and extremely strong encryption technique used in many programs.

Assuming you use a, it’s for all practical purposes unbreakable. But when you use it for ZIP archives, AES-256 comes with another problem: Windows’ own, built-in compression tool doesn’t support AES. Email someone an AES-encrypted file, text them the password (safer than emailing it), and if they try to open it in Windows Explorer or File Explorer, they won’t be able to open any of the files within the archive. Fortunately, most third-party zip tools, including the free, support AES-256. To encrypt an archive in 7-zip, once you’re at the Add to Archive dialog box, enter a password and select the Encryption method AES-256.

You’ll find these options near the lower-right corner of the dialog box. One more problem with encrypted ZIP files: No matter which form of encryption you use, anyone with access to the files can see the name of the files within the archive. If the file names provide sensitive information, a thief could take advantage of that. Of course, they would not be able to open any of the files without the password. Ghar Aja Mahi By Falak Download.