Please somebody help me I have been using 'Flood' plug-in for months and months now, but last week it suddenly quit working for me. It lets me open it and preview what my image would look like, but when I click OK to apply it to my picture, nothing happens. The progress bar scans across the bottom but no change is made. I have emailed Flaming Pear about 5 times but I have not gotten a single response. I am thinking the registration got corrupted somehow, so I deleted everything in my computer I thought was associated with 'Flood', then I redownloaded.

Flexify 2 Serial

Still will not work, and is still registered. I am at the end of my rope. Can anyone help me please?

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This is still an issue for me too, ever since the last updates came along it appears a good majority of the plugins are rendered inoperative. They show as registered and open up fine and yet still they resist the coaxing to work all the time. Has anyone isolated the key in the registry which can be removed in order to re-register once more? Flexify is fine, Flood is fine, most of the Designer Sextet periodically fails and Hue and Cry is the same also. It`s clearly a corruption which comes into play the moment you copy updates over the old versions. I suspect there is more to this than meets the eye, if you are installing flaming pear plugins for the first time this would not be an issue. Well personally i sent FP an email also they never replied yet and that was 3 months ago now I want my money back and as far as I'm concerned they can keep their software with no support Ironically my lawyer received a reply within 2 hours where they tried to tell him there are no grounds for them to refund my money another ripoff company but they will pay cus my lawyer was so pissed off at them he's going after them pro bono [edit] reg settings can be found here [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT WMMENU.WMenuCtrl.2 CLSID29].

HaraldHeim wrote:I heard that Flaming Pear would rather refund your money than offer support. So maybe you will get your money back if you stay insistant.

Flaming Pear is certainly not a rip-off company. They produce very nice plugins and have a lot of satisfied customers. But their lack of response to people who have problems with their plugins can certainly be frustrating. Well any company that does not offer suport for their products are in my eyes a rip off. Besides they should develop copyright protection they'd make a fortune LoL seems they are better at that than offering support. I'm having the same problem with several of my Flaming Pear Plugins.

The following plugins do not work at all. They used to but now they do absolutely nothing. No errors, nothing. And when I go to 'Edit/Undo' it doesn't even indicate that the filter was even attempted. I have deleted the registry keys in the following path: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT WMMENU.WMenuCtrl.2 CLSID29] My other Flaming Pear plugins work. Bmw Dvd Unlock Software Free Download here. But these ones do not. Silver Aetherize Flexity Flood Glare Hue and Cry India Ink I have deleted the registry keys found in the following path, but that hasn't helped.

My filters still appear to be registered and I can't enter the registration keys again. What other keys do I have to delete in order to get all of those plugins working again? I found a solution. It seems that Flaming Pear not only saves a registry key for the registration number in the registry, but also a cache of general settings.

The general settings are located in the following registry path. HKEY_CURRENT_USER>software>Jasc>Paint Shop Pro >JascCmdPluginHost>Flaming Pear The paint shop pro entry should have the # version behind it.and the flaming pear entries will have each plugin name behind it. I went to the Paint Shop Pro v8 one and first right clicked each key folder and picked 'Export' the file and saved it with it's name, and then deleted the key. Always 'Export' a registry key to a folder on your desktop just in case you make a boo-boo and need to put the key back!! Anyway, after I did that, for good measure I went and uninstalled and reinstalled the offending Flaming Pear plugins. When I tried to use the plugins, I didn't get asked to re-enter the registration code. But the plugins now work!

So it seems that there must have been a cache of some kind in those folders inside the registry that needed to be deleted.

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