Wings1080, in addition to what Murph and dgorsman already said, and without knowing your xyz data format, but if the data is a text file (csv, txt.) then perhaps you may consider change it to a.scr file, and then use the command script to import your xyz data to de dwg. The.scr, must have this format (the xyz must be separated by a comma, and a space at end, or an empty line between xyz and at the end) i.e. _.Point 10.00,10.00,10.00 15.00,15.00,15.00 20.00,20.00,20.00 or _.Point 10.00,10.00,10.00 15.00,15.00,15.00 20.00,20.00,20.00 Before using the script command, turn the Snap off. HTH Henrique.

You can use commands to import point data, export point data, and transfer point data between files. Bluesoleil Crack 10 here. Using AutoCAD Civil 3D, you can: • Import points into a drawing from either an ASCII (text) file or a Microsoft® Access database (. • Export points from a drawing to either an ASCII (text) file or a Microsoft® Access database file. • Transfer points from an ASCII (text) file or a Microsoft® Access database file to another file.

Import Xyz Points Into Autocad Drawings

You can convert the point data during the transfer, which can include changing the coordinate zone. Importing points is a quick way to place points into a drawing. For example, if a surveyor collects point data using a data collector, the data can be downloaded from the collector as an ASCII (text) file and then imported into an AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing. Before you can import, export, or transfer point data, you must specify a point file format for each file that point data is read from or written to. The point file format describes how the point data is stored in the file. You can use the point file formats that are supplied with AutoCAD Civil 3D or create your own formats.

Aug 27, 2014 This technical page describes the AutoCAD XYZ import method. The XYZ files are one of the most common types of files to store points. Import point data from an ASCII (text) file or a Microsoft® Access.mdb file into a drawing. Importing points, such as survey point data collected by a data.

Topics in this section • Use a point file format to describe how point data is arranged in a file when you import, transfer, or export points. • Use the Point File Formats collection in the Settings tree to create and manage point file formats. • Use a dialog box to view or change the properties of a point file format. • Use some columns in a point file format to perform calculations, such as adjusting the elevation values. • Use the Settings tree to manage point file formats.

You can share a point file format and print a list of the point file formats in a drawing. • Create two types of point file formats: a user point file format and a user point database format. • Use the Settings tree to access formats you want to change or delete.

• Import point data from an ASCII (text) file or a Microsoft® Access.mdb file into a drawing. • Before you import point data from an ASCII (text) file that contains user-defined columns you must create a User-Defined Property Classification. • Export drawing points to an ASCII (text) file or a Microsoft® Access. LakeMaster Pro Maps Minnesota (Pre-Programmed Data Card). mdb file.

• Use point file formats to transfer point data from one format to another and to convert the coordinate system of a set of points.