Familiarize yourself with the banker unit. The unit is very similar to a calculator, but has some buttons and symbols you may be unfamiliar with. There are also slots on the left and right sides of the unit marked with “+” and “. Nemetschek Allplan Rapidshare more. ” These are where you insert a player’s card to add and subtract funds in their account.

Make sure that you understand what each symbol represents before you begin playing. • Since you can only view 5 numbers on the display screen, you will need to use the denomination buttons “M” and “K,” which stand for million (M) and thousand (K). • ”C” is the clear or cancel button. To restart a game, you will want to use this to adjust the balances on the player cards back to the beginning amount of $15M. Autocad Mac Keygen Download No Virus.

Instructions For Monopoly World Edition Directions

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You can do this by holding the “C” button until you hear a beep. • The arrow button is used when a player passes “GO.” Insert their card in the left side of the unit and press this button to increase their balance by $2M. • The numbers are pretty obvious, and the “.” is a decimal point, but the “.” button can also be used to adjust the volume on the banker unit. Add and subtract money from player accounts.

As the game progresses, the banker is responsible for adding to and subtracting from each player’s balance using their card and the banking unit. • Add money by inserting the player card in the slot on the left hand of the banker unit.

Instructions For Monopoly World Edition Directions

This is marked with a “+” symbol. Type the amount you wish to deposit to the player’s account. Remove the card once you see the increase in the player’s balance.

• Subtract funds from a player’s account by inserting their card into the slot on the right side of the banker unit, which is marked with a “-“ symbol. Type in the amount the player owes the bank. Remove the card after you see the amount deducted from their balance.

Transfer money from one player’s account to another. When one player is purchasing something or owes money to another player, the banker will subtract from one player’s account and deposit that amount in the other player’s account. • Insert the paying player’s card in the slot on the right of the banker unit. The card for the player receiving the payment should be placed in the slot on the left of the unit. • Leaving both cards in place, enter the amount of the purchase. The balance which was displayed belongs to the payer. Once this balance is reduced by the purchase price, both cards can be removed from the device and returned to the players.

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