Mauser Serial Numbers K98

I recentally purchased a k98 barreled receiver off of gunbroker. Told the guy i would send a payment and then have my FFL send a copy. 2 weeks later i get a box AT MY HOUSE with the barreled receiver in it.

August327, You have an Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifle made by Mauser, not a remodeled military rifle. And everything I've read said serial numbers are generally meaningless in Mausers. Why is it recommended to not disclose the full serial number? I've seen several posts with the full info XX'd out.

Mauser Serial Numbers K98

Talked to the guy on the phone and says he didn't know he had to send it to an ffl. Turns out there is NO serial number on it. Nothing even resembeling a serial number. I turned it over to my FFL and it is being brought to the ATF in our city. Emails back and forth and the guys says that the NGA66* underneith the waffenampt on top of the receiver can be used as a serial number according to his ffl or aft office.

Also says that he heard that because it is over 60 years old it might not originally have a serial number and is extreamly collectable because of the bnz45 stamp I asked for a refund and he says he will but not the shipping. Then he tells me to Pack it back up and send it to him!!! Not even mentioning an FFL Has anybody heard of this? Alot has been said back and forth this is just the major stuff that has happened. Just wondering if anybody has heard of this no more smiley. Sorry about not describing the whole thing enough. Lot has been going on and its waaayyy to much to type.

I bought it and paid for it and sent my ffl his info. The morning i get the box in the mail (illegal) he calls me to ask why my ffl is sending a copy.

I let him know that thats how it should have been done. He went on to tell me that i should treat it as if i had bought it off him as a private seller and not to worry about it (illegal). I called my ffl and brought it over right away. We both looked it over and couldent find anything looking like a serial number except where it looks to be removed.

(illegal) Its really not even about the condition of the piece that bothers me anymore. Its the fact that it was mailled illegally, then i was told to not do anything, then to send it back illegally, and now its all of a sudden legal. Even if i kept it (which i wouldnt ever have) no gunsmith would ever touch it (i hope not) without any numbers on it. BUT this applies to guns made without a serial number. The law requiring a serial number comes from GCA 1968 (same act covers mailing guns in US post). Hard to imaging Mauser making an action without a serial number, but it could be.

I have a Siamese Mauser that has no serial number as such, but it does have some oriental looking characters which might be the number. What is much more likely is that at some point the number on your Mauser was removed (ground/machined off), and that gets it into sticky legal ground, as it is clearly an illegal act to remove the serial #, and most states have their own laws making it illegal to posess a gun with the serial # removed. Removed is not the same as never had a number. There is a clear distinction in law. I'm afraid you might be out the money and the rifle both, in the long run. If BATFE 'experts' determine that the number has been removed/obliterated, your only realistic course of action is to surrender the gun to them. They might be interested in pressing charges against the fellow who illegally shipped it as well.

Good luck with this, and congrats for recognizing it and taking the right actions! Hope it works ouot for you. Whatever i am going through now is nowhere near what would happen if i ever got caught with it. Gun owners have enough problems as it is.

I dont want to contribute anymore. The gun was already handed over to my FFL and he is / has been dealing witht he local ATF office about it. My FFL and i both have all the e-mails between me and him and me and the seller showing that i made every effort to be within the law before and after purchase and receiving it. Also kept the box that shows it was sent to my APT. The seller has offered me a refund, but only on him receiving it back. He originally told me to package it back up and send it to him.

He is now saying to send it to his FFL. It doesn't matter who owns it, its still a felony. Well he might have some other problems. If you look at his past feedback, he has been sending live ammo through the USPS.

If it followed the standard marking pattern, it should be marked on the left side of the receiver ring AND/OR the left side of the left side of the chamber, forward of the receiver; I've seen a few late-war rifles that were only serialed on the barrel, so if someone changed the barrel, you'd then have an un-serial-numbered receiver. Bnz45 (Steyr) would probably fall into that category, but if there's any indication that the number's been REMOVED, I wouldn't want it, and the collector value's probably gone anyway. I have several late 1800's era mausers and 16 of the GEW 98's from WW1 and alll have serials.

In the case of an old martini enfiled i bought where it did not have a SN# the selling FFL used the markings from the reciever that did have a series of numbers on them. I am 99.99% sure the fact that the mauser recvr' has no serial means that it was it was removed at some time by someone. Also, the fact that the guy shipped it dierctly to you makes me wonder what kind of shady business this guy is up to. The process of notifying your FFL and having inspected and then getting the ATF involved is a good move on your part.

I don't think you will get your money back, but this guy will most likely be talking to a judge sometime soon. Just another reason to read and understand the gun laws and shipping reg's, otherwise the ATF might come knocking at your door. Rush Hour 1 In Hindi Mp4 Free Download here.

K98k Mauser Page German WWII Ordnance Rifle Codes World War II military rifles often have markings on the receiver, barrel, rear sight, and / or stock. From this it is possible to gain some information about the history of the particular piece. The top of the receiver usually has a 2 or 3 letter code with a number below it. Early codes were sometimes numerical or a combination of letters and numbers. The code indicates the manufacturer of the barrel, and the number below the code is the year in which the part was made. Other markings are usually either proof marks, indicating that the barrel was test fired with cartridges loaded with a extra charge of gunpowder than normally used to ensure safety, or Waffenamt (ordnance) markings, indicated by the symbol of an eagle with outstretched wings with the letters WaAxxx below, where xxx is a 2 or 3 digit number indicating which Waffenamt accepted the piece.

The following tables list the ordnance codes found in Mauser Bolt Rifles by L. Olson (third edition, F. Brownell & Son, 1976, 12th printing 1991). They can be used to get some historical information about your particular rifle. Beware of possible inaccuracies that can occur in any transcription. If you do fine an error let me know.

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