Piranha Car Mp3 Player DriverPiranha Car Mp3 Player Driver

So, I took the bait and bought one of those $30 fake iPod nanos from Hong Kong off eBay. It *says* it's 4gb, but I know enough not to trust the little sticker on the back. Anyway, that's not the issue. Winkey Download 64 Bit on this page.

MP3 Player Drivers Downloads and. How will a Driver Update Tool fix my MP3 Player Drivers? I can’t play my audiobook/ MP3 CD in the car Audiobooks.

I know next to nothing about computers (and absolutely nothing about mp3 players) so my apologies if most of the information here is irrelevant. My problem is in getting stuff onto the player. The 'manual' included with the player was a small sheet of paper pointing out which was the volume button and which was the play button. When I used the included USB cable to plug the player into my computer (Windows XP), I could upload the sample pictures and sample songs from the player, but it didn't automatically install the driver and I couldn't figure out how to put music, pictures, or video on the player. There was a mini CD-R included in the package, and when I loaded it onto my computer, I got a list of 10 files: '(1.5-1.8 inch screen MP3 Driver)', '(1.8-2.2H inch screen MP3 Driver)', '(4.00--1.8 inch screen MP3 Driver)', '2.4', '98Dirver', 'AVI-TOOL', 'Direct X9. Qt Serial Port Communication Examples there. 0', 'game files nes', 'Telbook utility', 'USB', and a program called LRC Editor that's completely in Chinese but seems to be a lyrics editor. I clicked around in the files for a while, and downloaded a few of the more obvious-sounding programs ('Setup', etc.), none of which seemed to do anything. Sorry for the rather verbose posting, but has anyone encountered a similar player or have any advice for how to transfer files onto this one?