Download the Brochure QSS-3801 HD Brochure. The Qss-3801 HD is a next generation hi-resolution silver. Deux Mondes 6th Edition Isbn International Standard. Noritsu EZ-Controller QSS Printer Driver QSS QSS Film. The TP-LINK Product Support Download Center provides firmware updates, drivers, user guides, utilities + more. Windows Xp Media Center Edition 2005 Download Toshiba Media.

Qss Printer Driver Download

Dear Noritsu Fans. After a month of absence, return to the issue. Finally I present a possible solution to the problem.

Vfixit: It would be interesting to know how you did for the QSS Printer Driver works with Windows 7. What is your version of QSS printer driver?

We have the version 3.00. Dave S: Yes we can access, the QSS-3101, from Windows 7 PC. When it comes to Windows 7 Home, you are right.

But when it comes to Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate does not have to modify registry. We have Windows 7 Ultimate. Wilebaldo: When turning off the Firewall on both computers, Windows 2000 and Windows 7 and using the compatibility mode, Driver in Windows 7 was installed. We move a step! Now the QSS Printer Driver in Windows 7 can see the QSS-31 and its IP Adrress as you can see in Figure # 1. BUT when you add a new printer, the Windows 7 throws the error 0x00000057, see Figure 2, which says, '.

Can not add the specified port.' Do you have any error 57 solution? Another way: Failure to resolve the error 57, we'll try installing a virtual machine using free program 'VMware Player'. Putting Win XP as Hosting and Windows 7 as Guest (vice versa will not work). Free VMware Player download link: Keep in touch Regards.

This article will describe how to setup a Noritsu printer for use Darkroom Pro and AE. Go to the Setup Tab Select Printer Options Select All Supported Printers Double-click NORITSU 2901/3001/3011/3101/31PRO/3201/DDP-411 (NETORDER) In the OPTIONS tab, check the box to ENABLE NORITSU QSS DRIVER For the PRINTER IP ADRESS:, type in the IP address of your Noritsu (NetOrder) Printer or click the TEST button (The TEST button will automatically place the IP address of the Noritsu Printer as long as the printer is in NetOrder mode) NOTE: The Noritsu Console must be a part of the same Domain/Workgroup of the ExpressDigital computer. Now, select the ROLL-SIZES tab Create NEW or EDIT your desired ROLL WIDTHS: Click NEW or EDIT Select your ROLL WIDTH Select MILLIMETERS or INCHES Select MEDIA (If you have multiple roll sizes with different media, you will have to create a separate roll with each Media) For ARRANGEMENTS ALLOWED:, place a check in the box AUTOMATICALLY SELECT SIZES or uncheck the box to manually select sizes. If you choose to manually select sizes click the Edit Arrangements button. Place a check in the sizes you wish to allow and uncheck all the sizes you do not wish to allow. Click OK to return to the ROLL SETUP box Click OK to return to the NORITSU PRINTER SETUP box After all rolls have been created, select the appropriate MEDIA RULE: The MEDIA RULE is global. Meaning it is applied to all roll sizes.

IGNORE MEDIA DESCRIPTION (ACCEPT ALL PRINTS) – means that no matter what media is selected for that roll, we will print to it. USE MEDIA DESCRIPTION (ACCEPT MATCHING PRINTS ONLY) – if one of the media types match any of the ones listed for that roll, then we will print to it. For instance, a print request for GLOSSY will print to a roll that has a media of GLOSSY, PREMIUM, since Glossy is one of the two media types set for this roll USE MEDIA DESCRIPTION (ACCEPT EXACT MATCHES ONLY) – we will only print to the roll only if the media exactly matches the roll. For instance, a print request for GLOSSY, PREMIUM will only print to a roll that has a 1/2 media of GLOSSY, PREMIUM.

A print request for GLOSSY will not print to a roll that has a media of GLOSSY, PREMIUM. Last, you will need to set up your surfaces. To setup surfaces, select the SURFACES tab You have the option to set up four surfaces: SURFACE 1: SURFACE 2: SURFACE 3: SURFACE 4: The surface number correlates to surface number set on the physical roll in the NORITSU (NETORDER) PRINTER. For example, if the physical roll is set to surface 1 and that surface is glossy, you will enter GLOSSY as SURFACE 1 in the NORITSU PRINTER SETUP. If the physical roll is set to surface 3 and that surface is matte, you will enter MATTE as SURFACE 3 in the NORITSU PRINTER SETUP.

If you do not know what surface is set in the printer, but you know that Magazine A is glossy, then select the OPTIONS tab. Here, the PAPER MAGAZINE will display the surface number. Enter GLOSSY to the corresponding SURFACE # in the SURFACES tab. To recap, there are three tabs that need to be set up in order to start printing to your NORITSU (NETORDER) PRINTER: OPTIONS, ROLL-SIZES AND SURFACES.

A MEDIA RULE is global and applies to all ROLL WIDTHS. If you forget to set up one tab, you will have difficulties printing to your NORITSU (NETORDER) PRINTER.