Dennis Avi Lipkin: Return To Mecca PDF Download, MOBi EPUB Kindle Description Will Islam be defeated and terminated when the Judeo-Christian West conquers Mecca and Medina? In Return to Mecca, Avi Lipkin reviews the biblical history of Mecca and Medina and the Israelites’ sojourn in the Arabian desert for 38 years followed by two years in the deserts just to the East of the Jordan River. He uses historical texts from Josephus as well from Greek and Roman authors from 2,000-2,300 years ago about the Israelite Exodus from Egypt and analyzes the Bible to show how the Israelites wandered in the Arabian peninsula for these years. Deuteronomy XI and other quotes show God’s promises to the Israelites that 'He will give them the lands wherever their feet will tread', including Arabia. Today’s political circumstances are pointing to the imminent conquest of Arabia and Jordan by fanatic Moslem terrorists who will then attack Israel prompting an Israeli counter-response leading to the conquest of northwest Saudi Arabia as well as Jordan and other areas east of the Jordan River, all based on the Bible, current events and military intelligence. From the introduction: This, my sixth book: 'Return to Mecca!'

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Follows five previous books which dealt with evidence that Islam was a global threat. It included various articles from the press, military intelligence type information I had acquired both in the Israel Defense Forces as well as the Prime Minister’s office, results of private investigation activities I was conducting along the Canadian and Mexican borders with the US as well as in Europe, and finally, quoting from the Bible and the Islamic sources to show that the Islamic threat was a religious threat. This first book grew in five editions from 63 pages in the first edition in 1995 to 286 pages in the fifth and final edition in 1997. My second book, 'Christian Revival for Israel’s Survival' was a follow-up to my first book and included new updated information but emphasized the significance of political and economic non-Muslim allies and alliances of the Islamic anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and anti-biblical forces. My third book: 'Islamic Threat Updates Almanac #1 – 5763' was written a year after the 9/11 attacks in the US. It included updated articles and information I gathered during the twelve months following the 9/11 disaster showing that the Moslems were now even more emboldened to attack the West after the relative ease with which they succeeded on 9/11. My fourth book: 'Israel’s Bible Bloc' (2006) was the summation of what I considered already in 1998 to be the answer to this Islamic threat, a Judeo-Christian alliance globally as well as in Israel to save Israel and the World from Islam.

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My faith tells me that either the Jews and Christians 'hang together' or we will hang on the gallows separately. This is the reason for the creation of this new political party in the Israeli political system that will bring about this alliance which defends not only Israel and the Jewish People, but also the Christians who believe in the same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the same Old Testament and of course agree that the Messiah is a Jew from Israel who speaks Hebrew. My fifth book: 'Islam Prophesied in Genesis' (2010) deals with ultimate struggle between Islam and the civilized world. In my opinion an in depth study of the Book of Genesis shows the contentiousness of Islam with Judaism and Christianity. The Book of Genesis explains how the Creation was destroyed by the Flood because of the evil of the human race.

God then 're-did' the creation with Noah and his family. My book also contrasted God with Satan, good with evil, peace versus war, Love versus hate, Ishmael versus Isaac, Esau versus Jacob as well as all the other challenges facing Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as they founded a dynasty that was to become a nation in Egypt.

There is considerable evidence today that the mountain where Moses received the Law from God was not in the Sinai Peninsula, but rather in Saudi Arabia, east of the Dead Sea. Avi Lipkin challenges us with new information that we must consider regarding the history of Israel. There is considerable evidence today that the mountain where Moses received the Law from God was not in the Sinai Peninsula, but rather in Saudi Arabia, east of the Dead Sea.

Technical Editing Fifth Edition Rude. Also, the wilderness where Israel wandered for forty years may not have been the Negev in southern Israel, but rather Saudi Arabia, as some now believe. Israel passed through Edom on the way to the Promised Land, and Edom is north of Arabia.

Avi Lipkin challenges us with new information that we must consider regarding the history of Israel. Avi Lipkin In The Swiss Courts The purpose of the campaign was to block the Moslems from putting minarets throughtout Switzerland with the effect of noise poluttion ruining the lives of Swiss citizens, including Jews, Christians, Moslems and others. Very often, the noise pollution causes residents to sell their homes within a certain radius of the loudspeakers and move to a quiter areas, away from Moslem population centers. The minarets are also a Moslem staking of claim over a certain ara in the name of Allah and Islamic agenda. As the Jews and Christians leave the neighorhoods, Moslems move in thus creating 'pure Moslem enclaves or ghettos where non-Moslems dare to enter.

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