Uploads including Sm Sample Labels Tropical Twist. Scentsy Sample Label Templates. Sm Sample Labels Tropical Twist. Author scentsisters. Sm Sample Labels. NCSGUIDE-US (8/11) Welcome to Scentsy. You get a FREE three-month subscription to your own Personal Website (PWS). Windows Xp Media Center Edition 2005 Download Toshiba Media more. On your Workstation for a label template. Hum Saath Saath Hain Full Mp3 Songs Free Download there.

Here is a cute way to hand out your samples, promote yourself and the wickless alternative of Scentsy. • Open a word document for a custom label • Set it for 2x5 will print 5 to a sheet • Buy Host Join on edge • 1'down your information • change text direction • 2 3/4' down for heating not eating • 3' down Scentsy logo • 4' down picture if wanted I took it one step farther and made a second sheet so it would print on the inside cover what scent it was. Print on card stock, I used plain paper for demonstration only. You can download my template on the left.

Scentsy 1144 Print Your Own Labels Template