Snapper Serial Number Year

Snapper, based in McDonough, Georgia, is well known for making yard care and snow-removal tools including mowers, blowers and other equipment. Founded in 1894, the company was first called Southern Saw Works and holds claim on inventing the first self-propelled lawn mower. Today, Snapper has grown to a multi-national organization providing equipment to thousands of residential and commercial customers each year. While the manufacturer prides itself on producing durable equipment, over time you may need parts or service for your Snapper. This quick reference guide will help you find the model number so you can obtain that you need fast. • Rear Engine Riding Mower – A Snapper mower has two important numbers.

Snapper riding mowers have a Briggs and Stratton engine. The Snapper model and serial number is on a sticker on the rear-back portion of the mower. The Briggs and Stratton model number is engraved on the OHV cover of the engine itself. • Zero-Turn Mower – These zero-turn mowers have a Kawasaki engine. The Snapper model and serial number is on a sticker near the left rear tire. The Kawasaki number is on a sticker on the left side of the engine. • Push Mower – The snapper model and serial number is located on a sticker on the rear portion of the deck.

Tecumseh makes the engines in these models, and the numbers are engraved on the side of the engine. • Snow Blower – Snapper snow blowers have a Briggs and Stratton engine as well. The Snapper number is on a tag on the back panel, underneath the handles. The Briggs and Stratton number is engraved directly on the engine cover. • Chainsaws, Trimmers and Edgers – Snapper has produced a number of these products, most of which are powered by Briggs and Stratton engines.

The Snapper model number is normally on a sticker on the case (though this can vary from model to model.) The Briggs and Stratton model number is found etched on the engine itself. If you have further questions about Snapper products, you can reach Snapper customer service at 1-800-933-6175. To order online visit or call toll free at 1-800-704-4241.

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Your local Snapper dealer is the best place to start to find the answers. Visit our dealer locator to locate the Snapper dealer in your area. For other information or comments, please utilize one of the options below: Find the answer to your question by reviewing our. To contact our customer service department by phone, please call: 1-800-317-7833.

Snapper Serial Number Year

For questions or concerns about your online parts order please contact us: 1-800-274-4471. To contact us by mail: Briggs & Stratton Attn: Snapper Power Products PO Box 702 Milwaukee, WI.

Hello, I recently bought an old snapper rear engine rider. But I can't figure out the model number so I can buy parts. Hopefully someone can help me figure out the year and model number. Contoh Sasaran Mutu Iso 9000. There are no stickers or labels anywhere on it(exept the engine). Fisher Scientific Low Temperature Incubator Manuals there. The blad e measures 30 ' and the deck is 33' Here. So I bought a snapper mower off of craigslist. Its a great little mower. It needed a battery, a tire and little TLC. The guy before me at some point had repainted it red. The problem is that I can't find the serial number or model number anywhere on this thing to get an idea of what year or anything. It has the gas.