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Download Starbound Save Editor: Starbound player save editor and Python library is one of the Top Open Source Projects on GitHub that you can download for free.

This guide looks through the possibilities of player inventory editing in Starbound. It is aimed at modders who would like to expand their knowledge and players who do not have enough free time to get the resources they need for their larger ingame projects. I have looked through the game's player files and share my current knowledge of them. With this guide, you will be able to add, remove and modify the amount of items in your invetory. Structure of player files may change in future as well as my understanding of them and I will try to keep this guide up to date when possible. Hello and welcome to my first guide.

Right of the bat, if you don't know how to edit binary files or what hexadecimal is, I'm sorry but this guide is probably not for you and I'm just saying to save your time. I will share my current knowledge of Starbounds player file and how to modify it. I do not have full knowledge of player file, but what I know at the moment will be enough to add and remove items in your inventory or modify their quantity if they are in stack (iron ore for example). What you are about to read is what I *think* about player file. It is very likely that player file structure may change in future, as well as my understanding of it and I will try to keep this guide updated. I do not claim I'm correct about anything you are going to read in this guide, I do not posses omnipotent knowledge of the file that is called The Starbound Player File, these are just my thoughts and representation of the data at hand.

Use this guide only at your own peril. Works on: Beta v Irritated Koala Beta v Annoyed Koala. WARNING THERE BE DRAGONS Editing player file will very likely result in it's corruption (you loose your saves, your house, your gold, whatever progress you made in game and even your dog!), so back up dat file(tm) before you try anything funky. Player file in Starbound is stored in binary format. What this means for us is that we will need an editor for binary files (ye olde notepad won't cut it this time guys). I use file editor in linux, but there are very good editors for windows users to use (for example Frhed, it's free). Another thing you will need is calculator (or brain) to convert hexadecimal numbers to decimal (windows calc in programmer mode is fine).

Before I make you stare at lots of numbers let me tell you some general things about the player file. From what I understand it is divided into multiple sections that keep information about player character, like it's name, what hair type they have, and lots of other things I didn't have time to decypher yet (probably position on map etc.), but most importantly contents of players inventory. There is also another kind of information not related to the player in game, but very important for us anyway. Some parts of the player file keep information about length (size) of various sections of file (this makes it easier for game to read the file, but makes it harder for us to keep the file valid after we change something). If we edit our file to add an item to our inventory, for example diamond, it will make our file larger by 7 because diamond has 7 letters, and we do not change the parts where size of file is stored, our file will become corrupted and that means bye bye to our diamond dreams. I have not found all the places that need to be changed yet, but there is a way around this issue. Let' have a look at some basic player file.

(not posting the whole thing, only first part we will be dealing with). Hold your hats it's gonna be a long read. 53 42 50 46 56 31 00 00 01 a2 97 31 01 50 45 db They are the content of our player file. Some of these numbers can be translated to normal readable text, and others can't. You can ask why would anyone make a file like this, well it saves memory and makes the file somewhat trickier to modify by hand. Btw hexadecimal number is just like ordinary number but not only we have 0, 1, 2.9 we can also use A=10, B=11, C=12, D=13, E=14 and F = 15. When I write about hexadecimal number I will write for example 1F hex.

And finaly the third part is conversion of middle part to readable text. So it is the same thing as middle just not in numbers. 000001c0 69 6f 6e 00 32 54 68 69 73 20 67 75 79 20 73 65 ion.2This guy se 000001d0 65 6d 73 20 74 6f 20 68 61 76 65 20 6e 6f 74 68 ems to have noth 000001e0 69 6e 67 20 74 6f 20 73 61 79 20 66 6f 72 20 68 ing to say for h 000001f0 69 6d 73 65 6c 66 2e 40 96 31 99 ad 05 00 00 85 imself.@.1. 00000200 09 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 28 05 74 6f 72 63 68 ..(.torch These lines keep a short description of our character. When you are in game, press 'n' and click on your character, this is the message you will see. I do not recommend editing this description as it could corrupt your player file. Reason why I am showing this part of file is that section with information on pixel count and items of our inventory starts at a place where description of our character ends. To be exact this section starts with number 40 hex.

You can always find this place by looking for the first 40 hex number that follows after the player description text. 000001f0 69 6d 73 65 6c 66 2e 40 96 31 99 ad 05 00 00 85 imself. Musica Tropa De Elite 2 Download. @.1. 00000200 09 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 28 05 74 6f 72 63 68 ..(.torch After 40 hex, there are nine hexadecimal numbers 96 31 99 ad 05 00 00 85 09 (in my case, yours will be different) editing them will corrupt your player file. I have yet to find their meaning, what I know is that game changes them as you play even when you are not moving or doing anything at all. Now comes the interesting part with next 8 hexadecimal numbers 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00. The first 4 doesnt seem to do anything, last 4 represent the amount of pixels you have.

Let's say you want to set the amount of your pixels to 1000. Use calculator to convert desired amount of pixels to hexadecimal number, in this case 1000 dec = 3e8 hex and edit your file.

This is how inventory with 1000 pixels will look like. 00000200 09 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 28 05 74 6f 72 63 68 ..(.torch 00000210 02 07 00 05 74 6f 72 63 68 81 02 07 00 05 74 6f 00000220 72 63 68 82 00 07 00 05 74 6f 72 63 68 83 00 07 rch.torch. First line and number 28 hex, this is where our inventory starts (28 hex = 40 dec, there are 40 spaces on one page of inventory). What follows is information about our items. I will take the numbers from first line and combine them with numbers from second line to represent one item entry, this is first item in our inventory. 05 74 6f 72 63 68 02 07 00 05 hex = 5 dec, this number represents number of letters in name of our item (torch). Following sequence of numbers 74 6f 72 63 68 means torch.

74 hex = t, 6f hex = o, etc. Google 'ASCII table' and you can see for yourself. Now comes the amount of torches we have 02 hex = 2 dec, we subtract that by 1, that means we have one torch on that space in our inventory. Last two numbers are 07 00, this pattern repeats itself in player file many times, I think it is used as a separator of entries in file. Okay, this was our first torch let's have a look at next one. We begin where we left off after the separator 07 00 in second line.

05 74 6f 72 63 68 81 02 07 00 Again, 05 = 5 letters, then torch written in ascii and now. Wait a minute, there are actually two numbers 81 02 before the separator 07 00, not one like in previous example. As you know in Starbound you can have up to 1000 items in one inventory slot. But, if you use one two digit hexadecimal number, the maximum you can have is FF hex = 255 dec, so how do we fit 1000 into 255.

Well, we can't and thats why we have to use two hex numbers instead. First number 81 hex is a code to tell the game to add 127 dec to following number 02 hex, 02 hex = 2 dec, so we add 127+2, in this case we do not subtract 1 like in previous example, and result is I have 129 torches in this slot in my inventory. Following number 07 00 is the separator.

There are more codes that are used this way, 81 hex is add 127, 82 hex is add 255, there is also 83 hex, 84 hex i believe. In previous parts of this guide I talked about sections of file that keep track of its length. So far we changed only the amount of items in one slot of our inventory. Change number of item in slot from 11 to 12, still the length of file is same (not only length of file is a problem, there may be other mechanisms in place that check validity of file, but i only had problems when changing item names or adding new items). Now situation is different. When we add an item to inventory, we increase the length of file (item has a name that has certain length).

One solution to this problem is, rename item by keeping the length of new item name same, for example rename item 'ironore' to 'coalore'. This should be valid because length of our file now stays same. Of course there are multiple ways to go on about this, delete two items with length of five letters and add new item with length of ten letters etc. However there is another way you can make the game do your bidding. If you have an item in inventory called 'torch' and you change the name of this item to 'tarch' (tarch is not valid game item, but has the same amount of letters so file does not get corrupted) the game will replace this invalid item with 'generic' item. What we can do now is split ten torches to two stacks in our inventory (in game, not by editing). That makes our inventory section of player file have size of 10.

Now we open our editor and change one torch to 'coalore', thats 7 letters, that means we have to shorten our second torch entry to 3 letters to compensate and not get our player file corrupted. We can change that second 'torch' to 'xyz' it does not matter what name we choose as long as we keep the length of file same that it was before editing. Well then 'coalore' + 'xyz' is same length as two 'torch'. Let's try this example in next section, with some screenshots. Ok, now it's time for some real life example. We will be modifying torches to coal. Wow you can't do this in real life, not even in a game, it just doesn't work like this now does it? Hum Saath Saath Hain Full Mp3 Songs Free Download.

Well with the power of hex editing indeed it does. Always exit your game (close completely) before editing your player file, if you keep game running your file won't get updated. Step 1 As you can see I split my stack of torches to make the game set inventory section of player file to 10 characters (2x torch).

Step 2 I opened my player file to show you how my section of inventory looks in editor. Step 3 Then I changed the size of first item to 7 and its name to 'coalore'. Second item has to have size of 3 to keep the size of 10 as the inventory section had before editing.

It's name isnt important it just has to have 3 letters. Step 4 I profit from my spoils of hexediting. As you can see the game edited the second item called 'xyz' to generic item, because 'xyz' is not a valid item name.

You can throw this green item away at this point it doesn't matter. Of course you can do this with diamondore or other items if you know their name. Just keep the overall length of item names same as it was before editing and don't forget to write the item name length into player file and you should be fine. Keep in mind that when adding or removing items from your inventory, the length of player file changes. There are places in player file where this length is stored, if you make any modifications by adding or removing items, and you do not change all the relevant places storing information of file length, your player file will become corrupted.

Is it really necessary to do all of this to edit your character file and inventory? Especially when you can just go to All you have to do is make sure Starbound is not running, upload your.player file, and change the areas that are underlined in blue (any that you want to- health, inventory, and even the statement that is said when someone inspects you). Then save your changes, download the new version of your character file, delete or place the old one in a safe place, and put the new version in your player folder.

It will now run with the changes you made using the websites program.

What up, I know quite a few people from here got swept up in the Starbound hype rush when the beta was released last week, so I thought I'd pop in and share this for those that might play but don't visit Dojo and would otherwise miss this. I made a quick graphical player editor for the game so you can customize the colors of your player and it's armor beyond what the game normally allows. Instead of like 7 pre-set colours you now have all the colors! Here's a gif: If you wanna use it go to and upload your player file to get started. Should work with player files up to the latest update (v1.1 Indignant Koala).