Tech Points: 1 From: United Kingdom Posted:11/4/2008 3:25:00 PM # 1 My eee box has suddenly decided to crash about a minute after startup - whatever it's doing. It sometimes crashes & hangs with no video output, and sometimes restarts.

Win Xp Eee Pc Torrent

Once or twice it's given me the blue screen of death if it manages to load windows with an irq_not_less_or_equal 0x00000000a stop error. I have two windows XP operating systems installed on two partitions and both crash a few seconds after login so i'm pretty sure it's not a driver or registry issue. It will even crash before windows has loaded - i.e. It will crash in BIOS - displaying a few horizontal graphics artifacts a few seconds before crashing, or in boot selection screens.

Booting to safe mode or VGA mode, or underclocking the GPU from BIOS all crash in the same way. Twice after crashing it complained of a bad bios checksum, so i updated the bios from 0501 to 0902 successfully and still no luck. From what little i can gather online this is likely to be a hardware fault, but could be an IRQ allocation problem. If it is the latter is there any way to solve the problem without ripping the thing apart?

Torrent Contents. Windows XP for Asus EEE PC. Bipolar disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.URL 71 B; EEE_XP_MINI (Compressed ISO).7z 82 MB; Installation.

Many thanks, Member Posts: 38 Level. Tech Points: 0 From: Spain Posted: 6:52:00 AM # 5 Hi,I tried it and,it works much better but still do not with four mem. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Case1º: A1-Kingston1gb800(1) or Kingston1gb800(2) or Kingston1gb800(3) or Kingston1gb800(4) A2,B1,B2-Empty;=>it works at 800 in single channel mode.Load all. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Case2º: A1-Kingston1gb800(1) or Kingston1gb800(2) or Kingston1gb800(3) or Kingston1gb800(4); A2-Kingston1gb800(1) or Kingston1gb800(2) or Kingston1gb800(3) or Kingston1gb800(4) B1,B2-Empty;=>it works at 800 in single channel mode too.Load all. Tech Points: 0 From: USA Posted: 9:54:00 PM # 7 MB: P5N-E SLI BIOS: 1301 RAM: 2x1mb GSkill 800 DDR2 CPU: E6600 Core 2 Duo OS: WinXP SP2 32bit Keyboard: Logitech G15 USB Keyboard (original version) Mouse: Logitech G5 USB Laser Mouse The problem I have and even after the latest 1301 BIOS flash is that if I warm boot a PC, that is not doing a SHUTDOWN but a RESTART the keyboard never is detected by the BIOS. I must either unplug or do a cold boot for it to recognize.

This keyboard used to work upon a warm boot and some have sugguested allowing it to continue past the BIOS post error regarding the keyboard however it's never initialized. The easiest way is to always just SHUTDOWN (power off) and power back on to reboot. It's very frustrating because upon having updates to software both Microsoft and 3rd party I cannot simply do a Restart after installing or updating but must cancel and do a hard shutdown then power back for the keyboard to be recognized once again. Disney Apprenticeship Program. Quote: Author: Posted: 10:58:00 PM Please give more details like your Processor, OS and devices. You may need to increase your processor FSB in BIOS or lower frequency for the memory.

More details about your system will help in checking on what we can do to help. VIP Member Posts: 13 Level.

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