AFAIK, no version of Windows XP was available for download (for retail users, at least) from Microsoft. You had to buy the actual media (or a computer with the OS pre-installed) or subscribe to a Microsoft service such as MSDN in order to have access to the OS iso files. Note that OEMs are required, as a condition of their license from Microsoft, to supply the end users of their products with some means to reinstall a pre-installed operating system. Early on, OEMs satisfied this requirement by providing actual media of some sort. Then they decided to save a few pennies by eliminating the CDs and instead including a hidden 'restore partition' on the hard drive.

All this is to say that you should already have some means that came with your laptop that is supposed to be able to reinstall Windows. If your laptop originally came with restore media and you've lost or misplaced it (or if you managed to erase a hidden restore partition), Microsoft's position is that you should get in touch with the OEM who made and sold you the laptop. See That document includes a section for situations in which the original system builder is no longer in business. Given that many OEMs no longer stock replacement XP media (and that XP Pro 64 wasn't a big seller in the first place), your most likely legitimate source for replacement media would be Microsoft -- but only if you originally purchased from a now-defunct company. ----- LemP Community Moderator MS MVP (Windows Desktop Experience) 2006-2009 Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC) 2011-2012. Here's what I know on this subject (which isn't a whole lot): This is HP's document concerning ordering recovery media: Note the following: 'HP maintains an inventory of replacement recovery discs for several years after the product has been released.

However, because of software licensing restrictions, HP is only able to provide recovery discs for a limited time. Download Naruto Shippuden Episode 394 Subtitle Indonesia Mkv. ' This does not bode well for you. I suggest that you post a question with the exact error message, including the error code, at the HP Windows XP forum: You might also post this same question as a new thread (don't add to this one) in the XP Repair and Recovery forum here: It's my understanding that you can use a 'generic OEM' version of Windows XP together with the product key on the laptop -- as long as the generic OEM CD is the same version as that shown on the laptop's COA (i.e., XP Home, XP Pro).

Your HP OEM CD should work; I use OEM discs all the time on various machines. You'll just have to remove the branding if it bothers you; otherwise, there shouldn't be a problem. Free Download Program Richard Smallwood Persuaded Rarlab. If it doesn't take, though, you may try downloading the legitimate ISO here: Download Windows XP Service Pack 3 - ISO-9660. Windows; Professional software; Windows apps; Windows phone apps; Games & Entertainment. Xbox Games (disc) Xbox Games Download. Find downloads.

I've seen comments to the effect that the CD must also be the same service pack (if the COA indicates a service pack), but I'm not so sure about that. The problem in your case would be finding a generic XP Pro x64 OEM CD. There this one on eBay: I noticed several other eBay offers, which appear to be selling XP Pro x64 OEM CDs that include a product key. I take no position on whether any such items are legitimate or whether the included product keys will work. ----- LemP Community Moderator MS MVP (Windows Desktop Experience) 2006-2009 Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC) 2011-2012.

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