How to jailbreak PS3 4.11 1. Download the jailbreak: This Torrent 2. Download Awesome File Manager.pkg it's for managing files on your PS3 you can get it from here: 3. Download ftpserver_12.pkg it for getting PSN on PS3 when it's jailbrocken and you cant host lobbies in MW2 and MW3 you can get it from here: 4. Download multiMAN 04.02. Benton Sans Bold Font Free Download here. 00 this is the best of all the reason most people jailbreak on this you can download games, music, and movies online free and it commpreses the game so you will have alot of memory and it can play emulators from all old game all the way up to N64 and PS1and it looksawsome you can get it from here: 5. Unzip the rar/zip file you downloaded 6. Obtain your USB drive, plug it into your computer 7.

Navigate on your computer Start/My Computer/USB DRIVE 8. Put Awesome File Manager, ftpserver_12.pkg, and multiMAN 04.02.00 in the root of USB 9. Right click create a folder called PS3.

Download Free Software Patch Firmware Ps3 By Kmeaw Custom

Inside PS3, right click, create a new folder called, UPDATE. Transfer the PS3UPDAT. Cannabis Serge Gainsbourg Rar Extractor. PUP inside PS3/UPDATE 12. Safely eject your USB drive, head over to your PS3, plug your USB into your PS3. Turn on your PS3 14.

This guide shows you how to jailbreak PS3 using kmeaw 3.55 custom firmware. Kmeaw 3.55 Custom Firmware (CFW) – Combined Download link. 4 Completely Free. Jailbreak Play. Station 3 PS 3 on Firmware 3. Install Custom Packages. The day before yesterday we shared a video showing a jailbroken Play. Station 3 (PS 3) running.

Navigate to Settings/Update System 15. Press Update via Storage Device 16. Agree To the Terms of Use 17. Let the PS3 Install the CFW ( Custom Firmware ) 18.

Your PS3 will turn off, beep 9 times, then turn on. Congratulations Your Now Jailbroken on Firmware 4.11.