Space Channel 5 Ps2 Iso Files

Jan 03, 2015 Intel Core i7-5820K/16GB DDR4/GeForce GTX 960/MSI X99A Gaming 7 motherboard.some of my PS2 games videos.

Okay, so I've been trying to get sonic heroes to work by rebuilding the TOC (anyone with U.S. Swaps knows that those morons couldn't add 20 more MBs to their discs and save us trouble). Unfortunately, most of the programs in tutorials don't work with vista.

So I tried rebuilding it in a few different ways. First, I opened up the sonic heroes ISO in pcsx2. It can't load the video plugin. Next, I try extracting the image with ISObuster.

I replace the big, useless _DUMMY_.bin with a text document saved as an all files.bin (which I named _DUMMY_.bin). I then rebuilt it into an ISO with IMGburn. I tried running this on PCSX2 - I got a black screen, and the game never started. So, I figured, if the mod has problems loading video plugins, it will probly work with a console (same result as the original). So I tried one more mod. I opened up a copy of my original ISO and overwrote the fat dummy bin with the little text-doc one. Then I just saved it.

No extraction or rebuilding. I loaded this in pcsx2. Different result. It went black for a second, then PCSX2 crashed.

Can ANYONE either tell me where I can get a successfully Shrunk Sonic Heroes PS2 iso, or suggest another method that I can try? Oh, by the way, the original image is too big so it freezes at loading on Swaps. I've tried DVDloader, but I only scratched up my burnt discs and had to toss them (thank god I didn't scratch mah swaps) Thanks then. PU EDIT: Tested the latest mod in 0.9.7, doesn't recognize it as a game, so I don't think I can mod it with just a text dummy bin. Maybe someone has the dummy.bin fix from the now defunct Or, again, just a fixed ISO?

Click to expand.No, I can burn it. Some DVD5 PS2 games (sonic heroes, devil may cry and marvel nemesis for example) are 4.37 gb in size.

I just dont wanna waste DVDs until I know I'm doin it rite. Now, swap magic 3.6 plus (what I have) Is 4.35 GB, so it has problems with bigger games. Some (like devil may cry) just freeze if you leave them idle at the start up screen and are fully playable if you don't, some (marvel nemesis) crash on certain stages, and some (sonic heroes) that load at boot don't get past the loading. You know what's unforgivable about this? Swap magic 2, yes 2 (japan version) has 4.37 gigs. Caps Clinician Administered Ptsd Scale Pdf Page more.

The swap folks are so dumb they took 20 oh-so-important megs outta the US and PAL swaps. I do use IMGburn, with memorex discs, at 4x speed (most rips work, only time I ever had a bad one was when I got a bad ISO of space channel 5.) The problem is, then, the dummy for sonic heroes must be reduced at least 20 megs for it to load w/ swap 3.6+, and I can't seem to do it. So anyone have a reduced rip or know how to pull this off with vista-compatible programs?

I have IMGburn, Nero, PowerISO (registered), and ISObuster in my arsenal. Oh one more thing. I do have a few 4.37 gib LEGIT games (MK deception, etc.) but I can't TOC refresh becos I have a top loading SPCH-90001.

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